John Smith DDS
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Preventive and Cosmetic Dentistry Service

Our goal is bring back our clients’ smile by providing top quality dental services

About Us

We are one of the most preferred dental clinics in Willoughby Hills, OH

John Smith DDS

Comprehensive Dental Care

Taking proper care of your teeth is important for keeping them in good shape and health. However, it is often observed that we notice the color and health of our teeth only when it is too late. Why not go for preventive dental care services offered by John Smith DDS and ensure good dental health. In fact, our dentist will give you a comprehensive dental care program for you and your entire family. We are one of the most preferred dental clinics in Willoughby Hills, OH and the surrounding areas. Our facility is well –equipped to offer various types of cosmetic, preventive and restorative dentistry services.

John Smith DDS

Conveniently Located, Easily Available

We are conveniently located in Willoughby Hills, OH for people coming from all directions. Our knowledgeable staff gives our clients detailed information about our dental procedures and their benefits. We provide a friendly atmosphere and ensure that our dental treatments are as painless as possible whether the patient is a child, adult or senior citizen. We schedule our dental services depending upon our clients’ preferences and our availability. In addition to our regular working hours, we are also available for dental emergencies.